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Social Kitchen &
Social dinner


Welcome to the Social Kitchen and Social Dinner section, where hospitality blends with authenticity and conviviality. Here, every guest can live a unique experience and make new friends!.

Donnapaola Modern Farm - Social Kitchen


Every morning, the day begins with a delicious breakfast prepared by the staff of Donnapaola with local products.

Let yourself be tempted by homemade cakes, fragrant and freshly baked, along with a wide selection of local delicacies that tell you the story and flavors of our land. Our breakfast is not just a meal, but a moment of discovery and pleasure.
In the evening, the kitchen moves outdoors and turns into a Social Dinner, a culinary experience between festive lights and trees. Share the table with other guests under the starry sky, while the smell of the barbecue envelops you. The meats and vegetables at km 0, coming from the estate, are grilled at the moment to offer genuine and authentic flavors.

Our outdoor dinner is more than just a meal: it is an opportunity to create new friendships, discover different stories and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. Come and discover the taste of conviviality at our Social Kitchen and let yourself be conquered by the magic of the Social Dinner. We look forward to welcoming you for sharing unforgettable moments, with good food and in good company.

  • Ristorante

    La cucina di Donnapaola attinge dalle ricette tradizionali del territorio murgiano.
    Le pietanze sono preparate con materie prime dell’azienda e della comunità dei produttori locali.

Le Esperienze

Vivi la Murgia ad ogni passo

Natura, convivialità, sport… Donnapaola offre attività per tutti i gusti. Ogni esperienza è concepita per darti la possibilità di vivere la Puglia più profonda, la sua musica, i suoi profumi e i suoi sapori. Perditi in un luogo totalizzante che affascina e conquista.

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